Digital Scotland

2nd Annual Progress Report & Update 2013


Nicola Sturgeon
Deputy First Minister
October 2013

Our ambition is for Scotland to be a world leading digital nation by 2020. Progress has been made as a result of shared objectives and coordinated efforts of partners in the public, private and third sectors and we are really encouraged by the action they have taken over the past 12 months. The challenge now is to build upon this platform in order to ensure that everybody in Scotland is able to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital age.

A world leading digital nation by 2020


We have a world class digital infrastructure that enables our people to connect anytime, anywhere using any device.

Digital Public Services:

Our public sector make best use of digital technologies to deliver high quality, efficient and responsive services, enabling access to information and services whenever and wherever people want them.

Digital Participation:

People and organisations in Scotland are confident and capable users of digital technologies.

Digital Economy:

All Scottish businesses make effective use of digital technologies to grow their business and realise their full economic potential.

In the last year we have made a great deal of progress on the journey towards achieving this ambition, including;

  • We are taking steps to close the digital divide and have signed two of the largest next generation broadband contracts in Europe, totalling over £410 million of public and private sector investment, to deliver when added to commercial programmes 85 per cent coverage across Scotland by the end of 2015-16 and around 95 per cent by 2017-18.
  • We are establishing the Business Excellence Partnership with leading representatives from our enterprise and skills agencies to drive growth in the digital economy and provide support and advice to Scottish Businesses on how best to use digital technologies to grow and develop their business, supported by £7 million funding announced in May.
  • We have developed a High Level Operating Framework that sets out architecture and design principles for the development of digitally enabled services. These will promote the interoperability that will support joined up service delivery. They will also support an approach of re-use, eliminating duplication and avoidable spend. This framework will be further developed into more detailed sets of standards.
  • A Director of Digital Participation has been appointed, in partnership with SCVO, and will take up post on 4 November 2013 to reinvigorate the Digital Participation Charter and increase the rate of digital literacy in Scotland. We have brought all of these measures together in an innovative prototype project with GHA in Knightswood in Glasgow that will tackle the challenge of engaging with some of the hardest to reach groups and providing them with affordable broadband services and support them to develop the skills and confidence to make the most of that service, increasing their employability and enhancing the opportunity for them to make savings by doing more online.

This website illustrates the progress made across the four main themes of the digital strategy.